I’m Sandi Larson.

I’ve been crafting for mmm… 60+ years, and I enjoy learning new crafts and techniques, and finding new materials and tools.. I also enjoy teaching others the joy I feel when Crafting.

My husband, John, and I are retired from real jobs. However we have found we can stay busy writing and working on our various websites.

We have an online store: www.bobbibopstuff.com where we find and sell various craft and hobby tools and supplies.

John writes a blog about business and self-employment at www.visionsbusiness.com.

We both do financial counseling and write about personal finance at www.newvisionsmimistries.com.

We also have 8 grandchildren to keep us young,

So, look around and enjoy some of what I’ve found that interests me.

I’m glad you found us.

Sandi L

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