No-Sew, No-Tie Fleece Blanket Videos

I know many of you have been looking for a tutorial that gives a little better view of the edging treatment on the no sew blanket, and hopefully these little videos will answer your questions.

No-sew, No-tie YouTube Video

Another No-sew, No-tie YouTube Video

You will cut the “fringe” just as you always have, or as the directions on the kits specify. Instead of tying knots, you snip in the middle of the strips, then pull them through the hole.

I had a really hard time finding a pair of scissors that would do a good job on the cutting. I loved the heavy duty craft scissors sold here: Heavy Duty Craft Scissors

I’ve also shown another edge treatment that I really like. On this T shirt blanket stitch method, you don’t cut strips and don’t cut out the corners. Use a craft knife to make little holes, then blanket stitch around the entire blanket. I’ve shown how to make the stitches on the same video.

I find both of these edging methods faster than the traditional knot tying method.

Have fun making your blankets, and let me know how you like it.

Sandi P

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