A Bit About Me and This Site

I’ve been a painter and crafter for as long as I can remember.  I’ve tried almost every kind of art and craft over the years.  Some I’m quite good at and others, well – not so much.  My real love has always been drawing and painting, and I have sold quite a bit of my work.  I’ve also had a floral and craft business and did everything from weddings to home decor.  I love to cook, and have cooked for crowds and have developed many of my own recipes.  Sewing has also been a passion of mine, and I’ve made clothing from leggings to prom dresses.  I’ve also made lots of men’s and boy’s clothing including Sports jackets and slacks.

In the past, whenever our family needed to save money or make more money, I have turned to crafting.  I know that if you have found this site, you are probably a lot like me.  You have a love of creating beautiful things, want to save or make money, and are always on the lookout for something new or different to try.

It is my hope on this web site to introduce you to many extremely talented crafters who are either selling their crafts, teaching crafting, or just crafting for the sheer enjoyment it brings.  I will try to offer lots of tutorials in different mediums, and offer links to great sites that I find.

I also hope to offer business advice and tips for those of you that want to take your crafting to the next level. My business experience covers a wide range of skills.  I have been a buyer and Regional manager for a chain of gift stores, and have started up and then sold several businesses of my own.

You can see that I have a lot of ambition for this site.  You’ll need to be patient with me, as I have spent so much time crafting I’m pretty lousy with my computer skills.  I expect it will take at least a few weeks for me to begin building enough content here to make it worth your while, but if this is the sort of site you are looking for, bookmark us now, and come along for the ride.

I’d also LOVE it if this became an interactive site.  Please feel free to leave comments, offer suggestions, and share your crafts.