Fire Starters

The BEST fire starters you will ever use are also so easy to make.

I bought a lot of muffin tins at garage sales and thrift stores, and found a roaster at a yard sale. If you don’t want to use a roaster, get an old double boiler and use it. You’ll need to work in smaller batches, but the fire starters will still be perfect. I save all my old candles, and also ask a few friends to save their candle stubs for me as well.
I purchased a bag of wood shavings. (The kind used for animal bedding) and a package of paper cupcake liners.
Melt your wax to between 160 to 200 degrees.
Place wood shavings into cupcake liners, and pour wax over shavings. Let cool completely. Remove the fire starters from your tins and you’re done.

Shavings and Wax
One of the Cups with shavings and wax.

Old Electric Roaster full of wax.

Finished Bucket full of Fire Starters.