An Update for the New-Sew Fleece Techniques

A few months ago, we shared some skill techniques for finishing the edges of a fringed no-sew fleece blanket. The response was wonderful! We love Pinterest…

You can see the original post here:

And her update here:

Sandi also shot two YouTube videos to show this technique and a variation.

You can see them here:
and here:

Based on some of the many comments, here are some clarifications.

  1. The direction to cut the slits is parallel to the fringe cuts, or perpendicular to the edges, or in the direction of the inside of the blanket.
  2. The fringe won’t come loose if the slits are small enough.
  3. They won’t come loose in the washing machine – mostly, if you’ve made the slits small enough. If they do, it’s easy to put them right back in.
  4. A way to make pulling the fringe through the slits is to use a good-sized crofhet needle.

Finally, the scissors Sandi mentions in the YouTube video can be found at You can see them here:

Let us know what you’ve done with no-sew.

John L