Appliqued Hand Towel

I recently hosted a fat quarter challenge and had several fun new ideas. This one was created by my friend Sandra in Australia. You can find her web site here: Creatables by Sandra

Cut a hand towel in half and overlock the cut edge.

(please note if you want a longer towel you can use a full length one and just cut the bound edge off one end and overlock that)

Here is a scanned image of the pattern piece that you cut out of the fabric or fat quarter,

the lgth is 11 1/2 inches, wides part is 6 inches,

also cut a small piece for the applique, I do the shape as shown below but you can do a heart shape or whatever you like

Then iron a half inch hem to the wrong sides, then join together, turn out and press.

sew your applique on

Then folding the towel as shown, place the towel inside the fabric piece and sew across, making sure you catch both sides, I usually push the towel in a good half inch. and I sew across twice.

then sew Velcro on

and there you have it, a handy kitchen or bathroom towel to hang up