Play Date Cards for Your Children


Summer is here, and the kids are all out of school.  Well, most of them, and the rest will be out very soon.  For the next couple of months, you will be constantly listening to the kids telling you they are bored while sitting in front of seemingly endless cartoons or video games. 

What’s a mom to do?  Those trips to the park let the kids meet and play with other children, but wouldn’t some pre-arranged play dates make a lot of difference in your days this summer? 

Here is an easy solution.  Print up some play date cards for your child.  Make sure you do not include any information that could lead someone to your home, but a special e-mail address, or your cell number can be included as a contact number.  The card should have your child’s name (first only is fine), and best day(s) and times for play dates.  The card could be something like this:


Let’s Have a Play Date

My name is John, and you can reach my mom at:

The best times are Monday and Wednesday afternoons


You can find some perfect little printable cards  HERE 

Each time you go to the park, library, or other community event, your child can take a few cards and give them to his/her playmates. 

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